Get your city council to pass a resolution for clean air and against global warming

The Clean Air Act is our current best hope for curbing greenhouse gas pollution in the United States. But the law is under attack from the fossil fuel industry and its allies in Congress. And of the Environmental Protection Agency's implementation of the Act is too slow and tentative to address the urgency of the challenge we face.

We need a strong, broad base of communities across the country to step up. Together, our towns and cities can both save the Clean Air Act and push the EPA to ambitiously and rapidly harness the power of this critical law to tackle the global warming juggernaut.

Toward this goal, the Center's Climate Law Institute wants to work with you and allies in your communities to get your city council to pass a resolution in support of the EPA using the Clean Air Act to reduce carbon in our atmosphere to no more than 350 parts per million.

We'll provide you all the materials you need, connect you with others and support you each step of the way. Interested? We hope so.

Please contact Climate Campaign Director Rose Braz at rbraz@biologicaldiversity.org or 415.436.9682 x 319.