By any ecological measure, Homo sapiens sapiens has exceeded its sustainable population size. We use 50 percent of all freshwater, we've transformed 50 percent of all land, and we've changed the chemical composition of the whole biosphere and all the world's seas, bringing on global warming and ocean acidification. As a result, other species are running out of habitat and struggling to survive — or not surviving at all. As the human population grows beyond 7 billion, three species go extinct every hour.

To confront unsustainable human population head-on, the Center's national 7 Billion and Counting campaign is helping people understand the devastating impact of the crisis on other species around the globe. We have given away more than 500,000 free Endangered Species Condoms — with packages depicting six different endangered species — to people in all 50 states and will continue this innovative outreach effort. Sign up to be a local distributor.


  • Like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. Repost a recent article from our Facebook page or retweet to begin spreading the word through your network.
  • Use our online Species Finder to find out which species are most at-risk from population growth in your area. Learning about amazing plants and animals is a nice side benefit to advocating for their protection.
  • Consider the next upcoming social gathering where you might be able to start a conversation about unsustainable human population. Use these talking points to get prepared.
  • Check your local library and find out what books they have on population growth issues. Use our Resources page to request that they have updated books, films and resources on the shelves. Suggest that they mark the next Earth Day (April 22) or International Population Day (July 11) by having a display of population information for visitors.
  • Check out census data online to know the most current information about population growth in your area. While the world population is growing rapidly, local population trends may have unique components in your area that will be compelling to discuss.

One of the most important actions you can take is getting people thinking and talking about this critical issue. Now that you've taken a few simple actions, join our efforts to raise awareness about unsustainable human population to an even larger network of people. We're urging residents in all 50 states to hold local events, write letters to the editor, spread the word online and help highlight the connection between global human population growth and the species extinction crisis.

Learn more about our 7 Billion and Counting campaign and take action with us today.