Take Action Tool Box #9: Protect the PACIFIC Coast from Offshore Drilling and Fracking 

Get your city council to pass a resolution opposing the fossil fuel industry's devastating designs on our coast.

Check out our step-by-step guide to join our campaign.

If Trump and his oil cronies have their way, offshore drilling will expand up and down the Pacific Coast, from San Diego to Seattle— threatening our communities with oil spills, air pollution and climate change. But Trump is delusional if he thinks we're going to sit back and let that happen. Together, our cities and towns can resist the expansion of offshore drilling and end the practice of dirty and dangerous fracking off our coast.

The Center's Oceans Program team wants to work with you and your allies in your communities to get your local representatives to pass a resolution opposing all new offshore oil drilling and fracking off the Pacific Coast and beyond.

We'll provide you all the materials you need, connect you with other motivated individuals in your community, and support you each step of the way.

Please contact Oceans Campaigner Blake Kopcho at bkopcho@biologicaldiversity.org or (510) 844-7153 to get involved.