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The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service determined that these 56 bird species warrant Endangered Species Act protection:

Orange-fronted parakeet (New Zealand)
Takahe (New Zealand)
Cook’s petrel (Chatham Islands, New Zealand)
Chatham oystercatcher (Chatham Islands, New Zealand)
Chatham petrel (Chatham Islands, New Zealand)
Magenta petrel (Chatham Islands, New Zealand)
Codfish Island fernbird (Codfish Island, New Zealand)
Ghizo white-eye (Solomon Islands)
Heinroth’s shearwater (Bismarck Archipelago, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands)
Lord Howe pied currawong (Lord Howe Island, New South Wales)
Uvea parakeet (Uvea, New Caledonia)
Eiao Polynesian warbler (Marquesas Islands)
Marquesan imperial pigeon (Marquesas Islands)
Fiji petrel (Fiji)
Salmon-crested cockatoo (South Moluccas, Indonesia)
Okinawa woodpecker (Okinawa Island, Japan)
Greater adjutant (South Asia)
Jerdon’s courser (India)
Slender-billed curlew (Russia, Eurasia, eastern and southern Europe, Greece, Italy,
Turkey, North Africa)
Cantabrian capercaillie (Spain)
Blue-throated macaw (Bolivia)
St. Lucia forest thrush (St. Lucia, West Indies)
Blue-billed curassow (Colombia)
Bogota rail (Colombia)
Brown-banded antpitta (Colombia)
Cauca guan (Colombia)
Gorgeted wood-quail (Colombia)
Ash-breasted tit-tyrant (Brazil)
Black-backed tanager (Brazil)
Black-hooded antwren (Brazil)
Brasilia tapaculo (Brazil)
Brazilian merganser (Brazil)
Cherry-throated tanager (Brazil)
Fringe-backed fire-eye (Brazil)
Kaempfer’s tody-tyrant (Brazil)
Margaretta’s hermit (Brazil)
Southeastern rufous-vented ground cuckoo (Brazil)
Southern helmeted curassow (Brazil)
Helmeted woodpecker (Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina)
Junin flightless grebe (Peru)
Junin rail (Peru)
Peruvian plantcutter (Peru)
White-browed tit-spinetail (Peru)
Yellow-browed toucanet (Peru)
Chilean woodstar (Peru, Chile)
Royal cinclodes (Peru, Bolivia)
Andean flamingo (Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina)
Black-breasted puffleg (Ecuador)
Esmeraldas woodstar (Ecuador)
Galápagos petrel (Galapagos Islands, Ecuador)
Medium tree finch (Floreana Island, Galapagos Islands)

Photo © Bruce Marcot