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Botany and Conservation Science

All Species Project: Inventorying life on Earth

American Bryological and Lichenological Society

American Society of Plant Taxonomists

Audubon Society Bird Species Watchlist

Audubon Society Important Bird Areas

CalFlora: Online occurrence database for native and exotic flora in California

CalPhotos: Photos of California flora

Center for Plant Conservation: Association of botanical gardens and arboreta of the United States

Botanical Society of America

New York Botanical Garden: Botanical databases, including literature

Ecological Society of America

Flora of North America

Harvard University Databases: Gray Herbarium Index and Harvard Type Specimen Index

Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plant Species of California: California Native Plant Society

Jepson Herbarium, University of California, Berkeley

Nature Conservancy

NatureServe: Information on imperiled species of the United States

Oregon Flora Project

Oregon State University Herbarium

Oregon Natural Heritage Information Center

Plant Conservation Alliance

Smithsonian - Centres of Plant Diversity in the Americas

Society for Conservation Biology

Tree Ring Society

World Conservation Union: Imperiled species science and policy

Invasive Species

Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP)

President Clinton's Executive Order on Invasive Species

California Exotic Pest Plant Council

Florida Exotic Pest Plant Council

Georgia Exotic Pest Plant Council

Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council

Michigan Invasive Plant Council

Weeds Gone Wild: Information on weeds of the United States

Plant Conservation Alliance Alien Plant Working Group

Invasive Plant Association of Wisconsin

California Native Plant Society Exotic Species Policies

  • Policy on Intentional Introduction of Non-Native Species
  • Policy on Invasive Exotic Plants

U.S. Government Invasive Species Programs Home Page

Nature Conservancy Invasive Species Links Page

Photo by Emily Roberson