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Saving Life On Earth: Eating to Save the Planet

Date and time:
May 28, 2020 at 4 p.m. PT
Center for Biological Diversity

Not a U.S. resident? Sign up here: ---------------------------------- Agriculture is responsible for nearly 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions, with more than half of that coming from meat and dairy production. Our food system has an enormous effect on climate, habitat, water use, and wildlife. What we eat is a big part of our environmental footprints. It also influences what kinds of food are grown. Eating more plant-based foods and less meat can reduce diet-related greenhouse gas emissions, save land and water and help fight the extinction crisis. This week’s conversation will discuss our work to shift the way we eat toward sustainable, Earth-friendly diets. We’ll talk about our new research on the climate impact of American diets, what it will take to change the way we eat, how individual choices can influence food policy and why simply switching to grass-fed beef won’t solve the problem. The presentation will include the Center’s Jennifer Molidor, senior food campaigner; Stephanie Feldstein, population and sustainability director; and a vegan cooking demonstration from J.P. Rose, staff attorney. We’re excited to bring these weekly Saving Life on Earth conversations to wherever you are. Just because we’re almost all home-bound doesn’t mean that we can’t dive into our passion for saving wildlife. Each week, the Center will convene a small team of experts to discuss some of the more important topics of our times. There will also be a chance to answer your questions. ----YOUR UNIQUE REGISTRATION LINK WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU FROM ZOOM. THIS WILL BE THE LINK YOU USE TO JOIN THE CALL. PLEASE LOOK FOR IT (POSSIBLY IN SPAM) AND KEEP IT FOR YOUR RECORDS.---- ----The Center for Biological Diversity fights to protect America's wildlife and wild lands. By joining this webinar, you agree to receive communications from us so we can work together to keep the wild alive.---- Not a U.S. resident? Sign up here:

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