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San Jose Mercury News, August 1, 2014

Peevey must go as head utility regulator
By Jonathan Evans

The editorial on President Michael Peevey's leadership of the California Public Utilities Commission ("PUC president's unethical behavior laid bare," Editorial, July 30) emphasizes the lack of oversight that comes from the revolving door of industry and regulators. It should come as no surprise that a former utility executive has a cozy relationship with utility industry, but the recently uncovered emails eliminate any doubt that Peevey is not an impartial regulator.

Our regulators must protect ratepayers and the environment. PG&E continues to push for natural gas-fired power plants in disadvantaged communities like Oakley and Antioch and fight local efforts to purchase renewable energy supplies. When we can't trust the regulators to protect us from immediate industry disasters like pipeline explosions, how can we trust them to protect us from the long term fossil fuel disaster of climate change? Gov. Jerry Brown must right the ship and remove Peevey.

Jonathan Evans

Staff Attorney Center for Biological Diversity San Francisco


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