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People's Petition to Cap Carbon Dioxide Pollution at 350 Parts Per Million

Prominent figures across the country are signing on to this letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson in support of the Center's legal petition, filed with 350.org, to establish national pollution limits for greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act.

Sign the letter yourself now.


Dear Administrator Jackson:

I support the Clean Air Act petition filed by the Center for Biological Diversity and 350.org to the Environmental Protection Agency to cap atmospheric carbon dioxide levels at 350 parts per million — the level scientists have determined is necessary to sustain life as we know it. 

The Clean Air Act works.  The Clean Air Act has protected the air we breathe for 40 years, reaping economic benefits 42 times its cost.  Today, the Clean Air Act is our strongest tool to immediately curb greenhouse gas pollution and global warming. 

Now more than ever we need you to fully implement the Clean Air Act to protect the air we breathe and preserve a safe climate. I urge you to grant the petition and fully utilize all of the Clean Air Act’s successful pollution reduction programs to achieve the deep and rapid greenhouse pollution cuts needed to protect our future.


Dr. James Hansen, Climate Scientist                                                                                                    
Bill McKibben, Founder 350.org, Author
Barbara Kingsolver, Author                                                                                                                     
Ed Begley, Jr., Actor/Activist         
Dr. Helen Caldicott           
Bonnie Raitt, Musician / Activist                                                                                                             
Alec Loorz, Founder, Kids vs. Global Warming
Victoria Loorz, Co-founder, Kids vs. Global Warming
Dr. Michael Dorsey, Director, Sierra Club National Board
Dinah Bear, Attorney-at-Law
Zyg Plater, Professor of Law, Boston College Law School
Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, Biodiversity Chair, Heinz Center
Oliver Houck, Author and Professor of Law, Tulane University
Harvey Wasserman, author of SOLARTOPIA! Our Green-Powered Earth, A.D. 2030
Brock Evans, President, Endangered Species Coalition
Curtis Moore, Author and former Republican Counsel, Committee on Environment and Public Works, U.S. Senate
Jonathan Baker, Co-founder, Sol Sage
Fred Tomaselli, Artist       
Joshua Beckman, Poet
Elise Blackwell, Author     
Eric Zencey, Visiting Associate Professor of Historical and Political Studies, Empire State College
Rikki Ducornet, Author     
Ron Currie, Jr., Author      
Donna Tartt, Author           
Kathryn Davis, Author       
Ben Marcus, Author
Lydia Millet, Author
Kate Bernheimer, Author 
Adam Braver, Author        
Rick Moody, Author          
Jenny Offill, Author            
Anna Lappe, Author, Small Planet Institute                                                                                           
Dr. John Terborgh, Research Professor Emeritus and Director, Center for Tropical Conservation, Duke
Dr. Niles Eldredge, Curator in the Department of Invertebrates, American Museum of Natural History
Dr. Melissa Savage, Professor Emeritus, University of California Los Angeles
Alex Irvine, Author             
Darin Strauss, Author       
Don Waters, Author          
Jennifer Egan, Author       
Ben Edlund, Writer            
Aurelie Sheehan, Author  
Victor Lodato, Author       
Alison Deming, Author     
Daniel Handler, Author     
Alan Cheuse, Author         
Lynn Tillman, Author          
Jonathan Lethem, Author 
Darcey Steinke, Author       
Luanne Rice, Author
Jay Driscoll, of band Barefoot Truth

(**All affiliations and titles listed for identification purposes only.)

Smokestacks photo by Doc Searls