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Evidence of the high environmental, moral and health costs of livestock production has been building for some time — so has the outrage. This month the call for action to address the climate, air and water pollution caused by the industry got even louder. Sen. Cory Booker introduced a bold piece of legislation that would put a moratorium on new factory farms, stop the expansion of existing large livestock facilities, increase accountability for pollution, and offer assistance for producers willing to transition to more sustainable agriculture.

Although there's still a long way to go, food is finally starting to get a place at the table in city, national and international conversations. During the climate talks in Madrid, the Center partnered with Brighter Green and 13 other organizations to release a policy brief with five key action steps for world leaders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food and agriculture.

Read on to learn more about some of the ways we're working to advance sustainable diets.

For the wild,

Stephanie Feldstein

Stephanie Feldstein
Population and Sustainability Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. Today's world population is: 7,751,721,094. We can still save room for wildlife — spread the word and share this email.

Hermit crabs

Crowded Planet / A new study found that more than half a million hermit crabs are killed each year after becoming trapped in plastic debris on beaches. On Henderson Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the south Pacific Ocean, 526 crabs were found inside a single container. The Center is fighting to get plastics regulated as a pollutant and to stop plastic pollution at the source, before it reaches wildlife.

Minnesota Public Radio

Population / Public Radio Tackles Growth and Climate

In the latest episode of Climate Curious, Minnesota Public Radio answered a listener's question about the relationship between human population and climate change. MPR reached out to learn more about the connection and what population advocacy is really all about.

We talked about rapid growth, overconsumption, human rights-based solutions and how young people are particularly hungry to talk about what it means to have children in the era of climate crisis. Despite the challenges, I emphasized, it's crucial to address population growth if we're going to succeed in easing the pressure on the climate and wildlife.

Check out the full interview.

Impossible burger

Earth-friendly Diet / Support for Veggie Burgers

Meat production is a key driver of both the global extinction and climate emergencies. We need solutions that can help rapidly reduce meat and dairy consumption and shift toward plant-based diets. That's why the Center just released a statement endorsing plant-based meat, including Beyond and Impossible burgers.

To change our food system, we have to meet people where they are, including at the drive-thru. The existence of widely available meat alternatives that appeal to, and are embraced by, meat eaters is an important step for a living planet. These burgers have shown the potential to disrupt meat-centered diets and promote the protection of land, water, climate and wildlife.
Read the statement and our FAQs.

Tennessee Valley Authority coal plant

Wild Energy/ TVA's Dirty Power Play

Tennessee Valley Authority is a federal power provider that operates like a private company blocking local clean energy and efficiency in the Southeast. To protect its dirty fossil fuel power plants, TVA is planning to lock local power companies into 20-year contracts. This not only limits their ability to pursue clean energy like rooftop solar, it also makes it harder for them to meet renewable energy goals without TVA's permission. Meanwhile TVA's energy prices are at least double the cost of renewable power.

In a recent op-ed, the Center's Greer Ryan and Energy Alabama's Daniel Tait call out TVA's shortsighted planning and misleading claims about its solar capacity.

Read the op-ed in the Knoxville News Sentinel.

Pikas vs. Trump

Take Action / Pikas vs. Trump

Whether you're celebrating the impeachment vote or need to release your frustration about the Trump administration pandering to polluters at the latest international climate talks, let off some steam with the Center's new video game. In "Pikas vs. Trump" you can take on Trump as he wages war on wildlife, public lands, the Arctic and the climate. Destroy Trump's tweets, collect trophies, and do ultimate battle in the fight to save the planet.

Learn more about the game, start playing now online or download from the Apple Store or Google Play.

Winter camping

Overconsumption / More Fun, Less Stuff

With the holidays upon us, a lot of people are in a last-minute frenzy for gifts. That's stressful on emotions, bank accounts and the planet. Each year it seems the holidays become less about spending time with loved ones and more about what's under the tree. It's time to flip the script and make the holidays about more fun and less stuff.

Listen to the Center's Kelley Dennings and New Dream's Guinevere Higgins on The Money Mammals podcast talking about how to buck consumer pressure, give the gift of experiences, and create new traditions. You can also read Kelley's story of how her retail roots changed as she became more concerned about how overconsumption was destroying the environment.

Plant-based cookies

Five Wild Picks / Earth-friendly Holiday Treats

Just in time for holiday entertaining, the Center released an analysis showing that by replacing meat-heavy dinner options with Earth-friendly, plant-based dishes, you can reduce your event menu's carbon footprint by 85%, habitat loss by 93%, and water use by 72%. Read the full report, Catering to the Climate, and learn more about how serving plants can help save the planet.

Whether you're hosting a big event or a small gathering of friends and family, here are five recipes to help you throw an Earth-friendly holiday party:

1) Take your appetizers to the next level with this roasted bell pepper dip.

2) These oven-roasted root vegetables add a delicious seasonal comfort food to your table.

3) For a colorful main course, try stuffed acorn squash with cranberries and pecans.

4) Gingerbread pancakes are the perfect way to spice up your holiday brunch.

5) One Meal a Day has your dessert table or cookie swap covered with four classic cookie recipes for snowballs, macaroons, holiday spice and jam dots.

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