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No. 74, Jan. 27, 2017
Reproductive Freedom, Population Growth and #WhyWeMarch

Last weekend millions of people gathered in cities across the United States and all seven continents for the historic Women's March, making it one of the largest global protests in history. Women marched for many reasons, but the underlying themes of the event were equality, autonomy and reproductive freedom for all women.

On Monday morning Donald Trump responded with an attack on reproductive rights. In his first executive action following the march, Trump reinstated and expanded the global gag rule, which prohibits international organizations from receiving funding if they provide, advocate for or even counsel their clients about abortion. As a result health organizations around the world will lose critical funding that enables them to address HIV/AIDS, respond to the Zika virus, provide prenatal and maternal care, and perform lifesaving reproductive healthcare services. Women's lives are at risk as millions could lose access to healthcare.

Reproductive freedom is not only a basic human right, it's also a critical part of addressing human population growth and fighting the effects of climate change. Congress can still overturn the global gag rule. Tell your representatives to oppose this dangerous executive action and all other attempts to restrict reproductive rights.

For the wild,
Stephanie Feldstein Stephanie Feldstein
Population and Sustainability Director
P.S. Today's world population is: 7,490,424,254. We can still save room for wildlife -- spread the word and share the newsletter below.

The First 100 Days

Frostpaw at Womens March on WashingtonDonald Trump set the tone of his presidency long before his inauguration, with the most openly racist, misogynist, anti-environmental agenda of any incoming president in recent U.S. history -- and his first 100 days were sure to embody that agenda. So the Center created its own 100-day plan to resist. From standing in solidarity with our allies on civil rights, reproductive freedom and gender and racial equality to fighting attempts to weaken endangered species protections, our 25-point plan is a commitment to protect our core values and the natural world from Trump's attacks.

Our first action began before he took office as we rallied Americans from coast to coast with our 16-city #Earth2Trump Roadshow of Resistance. Every venue was packed, with more than 5,500 people attending shows. Along the way we gathered messages of resistance to carry with us to the inauguration protests in Washington, D.C. More than 180,000 people joined the movement -- and we're just getting started.

Check out the Center's 100-day plan and share your own commitment to resisting Trump using the #Earth2Trump hashtag on social media.

Daisies Graffiti
The Fight for Clean Energy

There's been a lot of talk about the unstoppable momentum that will carry the clean energy movement forward regardless of federal roadblocks that might spring up over the next four years. True, but it's not enough. To stave off the worse effects of climate change, we need to speed up that momentum. There's strong support at the state and local level to make that happen, but we're going to have to fight for it. Learn more.

Poll: Pop X, Next Edition

As our population and sustainability program has grown over the past few years, so has our Pop X readership. In the coming months, we'll be updating Pop X to provide you with more news, actions and information on the connection between human population growth, overconsumption and the wildlife extinction crisis. We want to hear from you: Take our brief poll and tell us what you'd like to see in the new Pop X.

Don't Let a Climate Denier Run the EPA -- Take Action
Street art Oil derrick Climate Protest
Cabinet of Climate Deniers

Donald Trump has said climate change is a hoax invented by the Chinese -- and he's intent on filling his cabinet with others who deny the science and threat of climate change.

Environmental Destruction Agency?

Scott Pruitt, a climate denier and friend of the fossil fuel industry, has been nominated to lead the EPA, an agency he said he wants to destroy.

Stop #PollutingPruitt

We can't let a climate denier run the EPA -- call your senators today and urge them to oppose Pruitt's nomination.

Big Ag Ally Tapped to Head USDA

CropsIt's no surprise that Trump's pick for secretary of agriculture is a longtime friend of industry -- and yet another climate denier. Sonny Perdue is an agribusiness CEO and former governor of Georgia who has called climate science "a joke." As governor he enacted measures that undermined minimum-wage workers and immigrant families, opposed efforts by the EPA to enforce the Clean Air Act, and supported policies to make it harder to regulate factory farm pollution.

As the head of the USDA, Perdue would oversee 100,000 employees and a $150 billion budget to manage our national forests and the agricultural sector, including policies that affect food security, pollution and dietary health, and the rogue wildlife-killing program known as Wildlife Services.

Given his track record, Perdue can't be counted on to stand up to industrial agriculture operations and move the United States toward a more sustainable food system. Read more about Sonny Perdue and how to oppose his nomination.
Photo credits: Stephanie Feldstein staff photo; Frostpaw at the Women's March on Washington courtesy Leigh Moyer/Center for Biological Diversity; daisies by eileen_mcfall/Flickr; graffiti by cameronmaddux/Flickr; street art by essgee/Flickr; oil derrick by theojones/Flickr; climate protest by Joe Brusky/Flickr; crops by gotowefoto/Flickr.

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