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Healthy, sustainable diets start with school lunches. Yet one of Sonny Perdue's first actions as Trump's agriculture secretary was to roll back health requirements for the national school-lunch program. The standards had been in place for years and were widely supported by public-health and environmental organizations -- and cafeterias across the country have been successfully creating healthier, kid-friendly school lunches. But now that progress is at risk.

Tens of millions of meals are served every day as part of the school-lunch program, giving schools a massive influence on our food system and climate. As more cafeterias adopt Meatless Mondays and take steps to improve the sustainability of their menus, they're helping reduce meat consumption and tackle food waste. We're committed to working with schools and other institutions that want to keep serving food that's better for both people and the planet.

For the wild,

Stephanie Feldstein

Stephanie Feldstein
Population and Sustainability Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. Today's world population is: 7,517,973,8860. We can still save room for wildlife -- spread the word and share this email.

Wildlife Warrior

Crowded Planet / A 13-year-old "Wildlife Warrior" helps community members fill out postcards urging their senators to protect public lands, endangered species and the climate at the March for Science Convention in Little Rock, Ark. on Earth Day. More than 250 Center volunteers brought the resistance to Earth Day festivals, rallies and other events last month.

Population / Center Launches 'Pillow Talk' Program

Pillow Talk logo

It's nighttime at the museum and we're handing out Endangered Species Condoms through a new project called Pillow Talk. We're partnering with zoos, museums and science centers to launch conversations about the environmental costs of our growing population. Twenty-one-and-over nights at these institutions provide an ideal setting and audience to discuss these issues using a Monopoly-style carbon budget activity and Endangered Species Condoms. If you want to volunteer or bring Pillow Talk to your town, let us know here.

Bears Ears

Take Action / Save Bears Ears

Utah's Bears Ears National Monument has been targeted for "review" by the Trump administration, putting it at risk of being opened up to fossil fuel development and other destructive uses. Take action to protect Bears Ears.

Generations Indigenous Ways logo

Voices / Generations Indigenous Ways

On the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, located in South Dakota, Oglala Lakota youth are learning the science behind their cultural traditions. They study the physics of bow design, the mathematics behind beadwork, and the geology of their land and creation stories. The Indigenous Science curriculum weaves together STEM education and Oglala Lakota values through after-school programs, seasonal camps and science camps. Generations Indigenous Ways builds leadership, creates future scientists and land stewards, and preserves Lakota culture through the excitement of discovery and the scientific method. Kids pass their learning back to their families, and often family members become volunteers, strengthening the community behind the program even further. Learn more about Generations Indigenous Ways.

Tiny Hands by Tom Toro book cover

Resistance / Tom Toro Strikes Again

The New Yorker cartoonist Tom Toro has published a new book of political cartoons titled Tiny Hands to cast some light -- and lightheartedness -- into our benighted Trump age. Learn more about this "Molotov of mockery" here.

Shades of Green / A Family's Quest to Ditch Plastic

Beach strewn with plastic trash

We live in a sea of plastic. Unfortunately, much of that plastic winds up polluting the seas and killing marine life through ingestion and entanglement. Plastic isn't healthy for people either; it's been linked to increased risk of cancer, liver problems and diabetes. In this month's Shades of Green, population and sustainability media specialist Jess Herrera faces the challenge of reducing her family's plastic use -- it's not as easy as switching to glass containers with a toddler who throws things -- and how she's getting involved in tackling the bigger problem.

Flower in the sun

Wild Energy / Renewable Energy, Efficiency Under Attack

It's no surprise that an administration filled with climate deniers and friends of the fossil fuel industry is looking for ways to dismantle the progress that's been made in the transition to clean, renewable energy. In recent weeks White House officials ordered a study of the grid to determine whether policies to promote renewable energy are leading to the retirement of fossil fuel energy sources. The administration also proposed to cut funding for the Energy Star program, a popular voluntary labeling initiative that helps individuals and businesses reduce energy and emissions. To illuminate the motives behind the administration's actions, the Center has requested public records on both the grid study and the Energy Star cuts.

Extinction-free BBQ

Five Wild Picks / Take Extinction Off Your Grill

Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, Americans eat an average of 818 hot dogs per second. All that summer grilling takes a serious toll on wildlife, but you can host an Extinction-free BBQ with these plant-based recipes:

1) Veggie Hotdog: Turn this classic into an Earth-friendly treat.

2) Easy Portabella Burgers: Simple, healthy and delicious.

3) Summer Grilled Tofu: Spice up your tofu with a savory marinade.

4) Creamy Macaroni Salad: The classic side without the footprint of meat, dairy and eggs.

5) Very Fudgy Chocolate Chip Brownies: Don't forget dessert.

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Photo credits: Student selecting lunch at school courtesy USDA; Stephanie Feldstein staff photo; bear by Dianne DuBois; “Wildlife Warrior” courtesy Center for Biological Diversity; Pillow Talk logo courtesy Center for Biological Diversity; Bears Ears National Monument by Bob Wick/BLM; Generations Indigenous Ways logo; Tiny Hands by Tom Toro book cover; beach strewn with plastic debris courtesy USFWS; flower in the sun by ennev/Flickr; veggie hotdog by Leigh Moyer; portabella burger by Rachel Braun; grilled tofu by saiberiac/Flickr; grilled tofu (c) Zsu Dever; brownies by Kate Lewis.

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