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August 12, 2008 – Judge Dismisses Inyo County Lawsuit to Open Roads in Remote Death Valley Wilderness: County Waited Too Long to Press Its Claims

October 25, 2007 – Judge Orders Conservation Groups Included in Mojave National Preserve Lawsuit

September 18, 2007 – Judge Denies Off-road Vehicle Access to Surprise Canyon, A Unique Oasis in Death Valley National Park

July 25, 2007 – Federal Judge Dismisses Off-road Vehicle Suit in Death Valley National Park

June 18, 2007 – Judge Orders Conservation Groups Included in Death Valley Wilderness Lawsuit

January 18, 2007 – Groups Fight to Preserve Death Valley National Park

November 8, 2006 – Death Valley National Park Threatened by Extreme Off-Road Vehicle Use

April 6, 2005 – Park Service Rescinds Approval of Mojave “Guzzlers” Facing a Lawsuit, Agency Withdraws Its OK for Artificial Watering in Desert Park

March 17, 2005 – Un-permitted West Mojave Off-road Race a Threat to Endangered Desert Wildlife and Habitat

March 1, 2005 – Artificial Watering Expansion Threatens Wildlife at Mojave National Preserve; Political Appointees at Interior Vetoed Park Objections; Lawsuit Filed

June 24, 2003 – Bush Administration Faces Legal Challenge to 3.2-Million-Acre California Desert Off-road Plan; BLM's W. Mojave ORV Plan Would Reduce Conservation, Harm Wildlife and Air Quality

June 20, 2002 – Conservation Groups Petition Secretary Norton and National Park Service to Regulate Hunting in Mojave National Preserve

May 30, 2002 – Conservationists File Formal Protest of Viceroy Gold Patents Within Mojave National Preserve and BLM California Desert Conservation Area

September 7, 2001 – U.S. Bureau of Land Management Puts Mojave Grazing Restrictions in Full Effect to Benefit Tortoise, Conservation Groups Back BLM

July 16, 2001 – Fort Irwin Military Expansion Legislation Blasted by Conservation Coalition; Fragile Mojave Desert at Risk

April 5, 2001 – Center Convenes First California Desert Forum Strategy Retreat in the East Mojave

November 14, 2000 – Environmentalists and U.S. Bureau of Land Management Agree to Protect Large Areas of the Algodones Dunes From Off-road Vehicles in First Action for California Desert Lawsuit Settlement