Spectacled Eider Critical Habitat CLICK HERE FOR MAP
Central Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta vegetated intertidal zone of the central delta from the Askinuk Mountains to northern Nelson Island 989 square miles

632,960 acres

South Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta lands inundated by tidal waters between Nelson Island and Chefornak. 90 square miles

57,600 acres

Norton Sound Norton Sound east of 1620 47', excluding specified waters within Norton Bay; marine waters 5-25m deep 4,087 square miles

2,615,680 acres

Ledyard Bay waters of Ledyard Bay within about 74 km (40 nm) of shore, excluding waters less than 1.85 km (1 nm) from shore; marine waters 5-25m deep. 5,390 square miles

3,449,600 acres

Waters South of St. Lawrence Island U.S. waters south of St. Lawrence Island between the latitudes 610 N and 630 30' N, and between the longitudes 1690 W and 1740 30' W; marine waters < 75m deep.

28,436 square miles

18,199,040 acres

TOTAL 97% marine waters; > 95% federal lands and water, 4% state lands and water, < 1% Native lands 38,992 square miles

24,954,880 acres

Spectacled eider photo by Olaf Oliviero Riemer, BY-SA